Screen Display Codes



1. First class cabin availability

2. Business class cabin availability

3. Economy/coach class cabin availability

4. Economy/coach cabin capacity. This is the total number of seats in the cabin for this aircraft type on this airline. Where the airline operates more than one configuration of this aircraft type we try to show the smallest configuration. Remember, a bigger cabin usually means a better chance of standby.

5. n/c = 'no cabin'. The aircraft does not include this cabin

6. n/k='not known'. Be aware that for any flight with 'n/k' entries our forecasts will be less accurate. Please let us know if this is an airline you use regularly and we will try to update our database.

7. A number shown in green means 'at least' this number of seats are still open for sale. There may be more.

8. A number shown in red means this is the exact number of seats still open for sale. This will include 0 when the cabin is fully booked. (NB: we cannot account for oversale, so a zero may sometime mean a 'minus!)

A number shown in amber [no example above] means there are at least this number of seats still open for sale, but we can see that the cabin is filling up. This could change to red soon!

9. A number shown in black means this is our unique idDeals forecast, sourced from real-time GDS availability. How do we do this? We use our experience and understanding of airline revenue management techniques to build our prediction algorithms.

Do let us know what you think of these changes. And please suggest more. What else would you like to see?