Covid 19 - impact on your membership

In the current circumstances many of us are experiencing huge uncertainty around our livelihood.

Few of us are immune to aspects of furlough, unpaid leave and layoffs. This, along with drastic network reductions and border closures has left us in a very different world from the start of last year. The ability to use employee travel has been nixed for most of us.

At the start of this new year, despite new variants of Covid, there is some light on the horizon.  Our Australian friends have emerged from the longest lockdown, albeit with still some uncertainty,  and vaccinations are now started in the UK and elsewhere in Europe

If your membership has lapsed in recent months your profile will still be on our database and can be accessed here.

However, if you have any concerns or want to make changes to your membership, please contact me.

As idDeals uses real-time information it is a great resource to show which flights are scheduled to operate over the coming weeks.

stay safe!

January 4th 2021